About Us


Transam’s raison d’être is to offer a strong support service and local knowledge base to allow principals and customers to thrive by providing exceptional and reliable service in all areas. We adapt quickly to an ever-changing environment, and evolve with our clients and Partners to build better business.


As a family origin business model, we believe in ethical practices in all aspects of our businesses and have built our values around this concept.

Our core values:

• Delivering results – we deliver consistently and strive to exceed our goals

• Open and Direct Dialogue – we encourage early and honest communication

• Customer Drive – building customer trust and confidence is the key to our business

• Hands-on Management – we know our business and get things done.


Transam adheres to strong corporate governance codes and procedures. Our partners apply global policies and standards we must comply to and lift our general requirements. We ensure we have local employment, supported by continuous on the job training to up skill our employees performance.

Our Health and Safety policy endeavours to protect the health, safety and welfare of all employees and visitors on site, and we continue to train and improve procedures in order to always be at the forefront of Health and Safety.

We aim to have transparency for our board, and achieve fair return for our shareholders without sacrificing value to our customers.


Our Vision is to be the preferred choice in Agency Nominations: to create good business by working with our clients to develop trade and contribute to the community while leaving a positive footprint for the future.


Transam Samoa Limited was born with changing times, and families with foresight in 1993. Taking over from EMPT-Samoa the agency was first set up under Managing Director, Graham Hogarth to be agents for Translink Pacific Shipping, CEO Jean Ravel and eventually Pacific Direct Line. The Ravel's grew this relationship and eventually took a shareholding into TSL allowing the Transam brand to grow across the Pacific to 13 and counting independent offices with similar local shareholding type structures. In 2005 the brands and businesses joined the PIL Group (a family business also) via shareholding giving a very strong structure and support resources. In 2020 a change of Ownership at Singapore HQ level now gives us the pleasure to be part of the Wonderful Group which brings new strengths and support services to our network.