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Shipping cargo can get very complicated, but if all the information is available it will help make the process more efficient. Before you get started make sure you know what you are shipping, how big, how heavy it is and where its coming from and where its going. If this is your first time shipping it is advisable you enlist the services of a broker or a forwarder or a removals expert to deal with the carrier and regulations. Each country has many different regulations and a local contact in that country will be best informed to give guidance.

Start your booking procedure:

If you have an import shipment to arrange from overseas, please send us your origin, supplier details, incoterms, cargo shipping details and your preferred carrier or forwarder.

If you are exporting from Samoa, please fill in an SLI form and send it in to us to start the process.

Shipper Letter Of Instruction.pdf

SLI 'Shipper Letter of Instruction' PDF version

Shipper Letter Of Instruction.xlsx

SLI 'Shipper Letter of Instruction' Excel Version

HSD VGM Notice Link.pdf

VGM 'Verified Gross Mass' Hamburg Sud Notice to Link


VGM 'Verified Gross Mass'   PDL Solas version