Make a Claim

Unfortunately in shipping things do go wrong. This is when Insurance is most important and we advise that your insurance or P&I club be alerted immediately.

If you are in this situation and not familiar with what to do. We have listed some basic guidance below. (refer to carrier or principal for full terms)

To File A Claim:

you must submit the following documents to our main office so carrier can Identify shipment and investigate. Or email to: sales "at"

1. Letter of Claim (stating shipment, describing damage or loss and total value claimed)

2. Original Bill of Lading or Waybill

3. Delivery Docket (as Evidence of condition received)

4. Value support Documents (Commercial Invoice, packing list, calculation of value)

5. Independent survey (If loss expected to exceed USD500, a certified surveyors report to quantify and verify the claim)

6. Further info may be requested from the claim department handling your claim.

Take extra care and be aware of following:

  • claimants are obliged to take reasonable measures to mitigate loss
  • claimants are expected to give written notice of intention to claim with in three days of cargo delivery.
  • claimants are generally expected to file a claim to recover their costs only. (no margins or profits)
  • the shipper or consignee must show that the damage was indeed caused by the carrier
  • the consignee should examine the shipment for loss or damage, and should note any issues on the delivery receipt

Some of shipper obligations:

  • (i) to pay freight;
  • (ii) to pack the goods sufficiently for the journey;
  • (iii) to describe the goods honestly and accurately;
  • (iv) not to ship dangerous cargoes (unless agreed by both parties); and
  • (v) to have the goods ready for shipment as agreed

Automatic disqualification:

Act of nature or God or War or Public Enemies

Riots and Civil Commotion, strikes, lockouts or stoppages

Fault of the shipper (e.g. insufficient packing or markings)

Defects in the goods themselves